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Thank you for your interest in partnering with The Better Business Babe to beautifully brand your business. We are so excited to talk to you about your vision and how we can help accelerate your business to the next level. Before we do that though, we'd love for you to fill out some questions that will help us get a better sense of where you are, and which package options will best suit your needs. We will use this as the starting point for our consultation, which you can schedule after you've finished filling out this form.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email Andrea at hello@betterbusinessbabe.com
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We list out our main services below, which will inform how we put together your final package -- if there's anything we haven't included, feel free to add it yourself as part of the 'Other' option!

If you already have an existing brand, website, collateral, etc -- what has worked well for you so far?

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The level of investment you are ready to make  is a key factor that allows us to identify the services you are best suited for with The Better Business Babe! Below we have highlighted some of our main offerings by price point to help you evaluate how we can best help and support you and your business! 

*Hourly Coaching & Consulting Services with Andrea ~ $250

*À la carte Branding Services by our In-House Team ~ $500
Including but not limited to:
Graphic Design: Logo Design, Branding Collateral (Business Cards, Newsletter Templates, Letterhead etc.) Web Design.
Web Development: Platforms include Square Space, Wordpress, & Shopify.
Photographic Services: Headshots, Events, Branding Imagery, Product or Lifestyle Photography

*Beautifully Branded Process ~ Full Scale Branding Suite, Web Design, Web Development, All Photographic Imagery to fill the site & Online Platform launched in 90 days! ~ Minimum investment starts at $5,000

What does your ideal timeframe look like? *

A spot in our schedule is not guaranteed until a deposit is made. Individual start dates will depend on the current project queue. We try to wrap up all projects within 90 days, depending on the package deliverables.

Anything we need to do about this project, what you do, why do you do it, etc? Get it all out here!

Now that you're nearly done with your form, we'd love to remind you to book your consultation session with the Better Business Babe team. Visit our Calendly page at: https://calendly.com/beautifullybranded to set up your meeting time.

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